BDS use Heym and Mercury Rifles from Reeves
In an article in the June 2010 Deer Magazine, David Kenyon reports on how Heym and Mercury rifles from Reeves have helped the BDS DSC1 candidates stay on target. Find out more...  

Reeves were delighted to help the BDS by negotiating a sponsorship deal with both Mercury Rifles and Heym Rifles to supply four rifles for use on DSC1 courses. Reeves relationship with the BDS goes back many years and now that the rifles are regularly being used on DSC1 courses, their durability and relaiablilty is giving great results.

As Reeves is a Swarovski Premier Dealer, the rifles were naturally matched with the finest scopes, the Z6 2-12 x 50 riflescopes and the 8x56 Habicht.

You can read the full article as a PDF by clicking HERE, but the main text is copied here with kind permission of the BDS and Perdix.

The training team led by Training Manager Dave Goffin have for many years allowed candidates on the shooting test phase of DSC Level 1 who do not have their own rifles, to use the instructors’ own personal rifles to complete the test. This has led to a considerable amount of wear and tear on these rifles and with the society training over 450 DSC level 1 candidates a year it was a situation which needed to be addressed. In stepped Simon Freedman of Reeves UK who offered to help out by brokering a deal with certain rifle manufacturers with whom he regularly deals. Within a short time both Heym and Mercury had each offered to donate two .243 rifles to the society. Not to be outdone, Swarovski Optik, who have long supported the society, offered to team up the rifles with two of their excellent Z6 2-12 x 50 riflescopes and two of their 8 x 56 Habicht riflescopes. Each rifle was also fitted with an Ase Utra jet-Z sound moderator. Dave Goffin visited Simon Freedman at Reeves UK to collect the new gear and it was immediately put to use on last autumn’s courses. “The rifles are a terrific addition to our equipment inventory,” said Dave Goffin, “Set up and zeroed to suit the shooting tests, they have produced some excellent results”. The BDS would like to register its thanks to Heym rifles, Mercury Rifles, Swarovski Optik and Simon Freedman of Reeves UK for their support.

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