Mercury Rifles get 82% in Shooting Times Review
Bruce Potts has reviewed the Mercury Rifle in Shooting Times and given it an astounding 82/100, including 18/20 for value.  

The Mercury Rifle Range is a new range of rifles from an Italian Maker, built with hunting in mind they are long lasting and very well built.

In his review published 18/11/09 in Shooting Times, Bruce Potts says "The Mercury Rifle is a well-made, rugged and accurate sporting rifle. It has a wide range of calibres and stocks, and with prices starting at only 634 the Mercury is a good option for both novice stalkers and professionals wanting a rifle to earn its living."

Mercury Rifles are available now from Reeves UK and as we are the distributor, we can assist with any questions you have - dealers, please call us or visit the main Mercury Rifles site.

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Mercury Rifles get 82% in Shooting Times Review