Welcome. Reeves UK offers an extensive range of rifles, new and pre-owned from the likes of Heym, Sauer, Sako and Tikka etc along with shotguns from Beretta, Browning, Perazzi, Zoli, Webley and Scott. The stock can vary from day to day so it is best to call us to find out what has newly arrived.

It is not just selling guns that we do. We can get them repaired or adjusted for you with our reputable gunsmith or we can provide you with a comprehensive range of reloading products.

Once you have your equipment sorted let us kit you out in warm and dry clothes which will protect you from all the elements the winter can throw at you. In stock we have jackets, jumpers, vests and more from the makers, Harkila, Seeland, Napier and Deerhunter.

If you are interested in the D.M.Q Level One Stalking Certificate please look at our Deer Management page and contact us for information and to place your name on the list for the next course.

In short, we are here to provide you with everything that you need so you can go and enjoy yourself.

Corporate Accounts

We supply many charities, professional groups, private estates and stalking related companies. If you would like to discuss how we can help you, please call us.