Otis 'Breech-to-Muzzle' micro cleaning kit
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The most important thing you carry with you after rifle, bolt and bullets!

As all good stalkers know, a blocked barrel, or even the suspicion of one, means end of stalk. Whether it is mud, snow, water or a tiny piece of grit, we all know that it isn't worth the risk pulling the trigger. Even if you do carry a cleaning rod in your slip, does it make it to the high seat or on a hill stalk?

The micro cleaning kit from Otis coils up to under 4", weighs just a few grams, fits in any pocket and could just save your stalk. It is a revolutionary piece of kit, used by the US military and police, but such a simple concept. A strong coiled steel cable rod draws a patch through the barrel from breech to muzzle, taking all contamination and dirt away from the action.

Complete confidence in the field!

The Micro Cleaning Kit is made in three sizes for rifles .17 to .45 calibre. Choose the correct size for your rifle.

Size 1 - .17 to .22
Size 2 - .22 to .30
Size 3 - .30 to .45

Gives full Breech-to-Muzzle® cleaning in seconds. The rifle kit contains a 30” Memory-Flex® rod, a forged brass slotted tip, .5oz. Otis O85® Ultra Bore® Solvent, all-calibre patches, and a bore brush.

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Manufacturer: Otis
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